How do I obtain an official Police document through The Texas Open Records Act?
You can come to the Mansfield Public Safety Building, 1305 E Broad St. and fill out an open records request or you may mail your request. The fees for these records are 10 cents per page, VHS tape $2.50, CD`s and Cassette Tapes $1. All records must be picked up by the requestor and a photo ID is required. The above fees will be collected at time of pick up. All requestors should allow 10 days for processing of a request.

How do I file a police report?
If it is an emergency (life threatening incident, crime in progress, or crime that just occurred) call 911. For all other incidents, please call the non-emergency number 817-473-0211 and provide all information requested by the call taker. An officer will be dispatched to your location within the city limits. You may also come to the Mansfield Public Safety Building at 1305 E Broad St. to make the report. Officers do not respond outside the city limits to take reports. The Mansfield Police Department does not take reports over the phone.

How do I pay a fine?
Contact the Municipal Court at 817-276-4716 or come to the Public Safety Building located at 1305 E Broad St., 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday.

What if I need more information than is available on the Internet?
Contact the Records Division at 817-276-4700 or come to the Public Safety Building located at 1305 E Broad St. and make an Open Records Request.

How can I get fingerprinted?
The Mansfield Police Department offers fingerprinting services at The Public Safety building located at 1305 E. Broad Street, Mansfield. This service is offered Friday from 9am to 1pm. Fingerprints are done on generic fingerprint cards. Many organizations require a specific finger print card. You will want to inquire with the organization requesting the fingerprints to see if specific cards are required and bring them with you. •You will need a government issued photo Identification card. •Fingerprint card (if specific card required). There is a $10 fee for each card. For your convenience we accept Master Card, Visa, cash and checks. Electronic Fingerprinting MorphoTrust USA offers numerous fingerprinting locations throughout the metroplex, flexible days/hours, to include Saturday appointments at some locations, as well as on-line scheduling for your convenience. You can obtain additional information, in English and Spanish, or schedule an appointment with MorphoTrust USA at http://www.l1enrollment.com or call 888-467-2080.

How do I apply for a position as a Mansfield Police Officer?
Applications are accepted year round. Current open positions are listed on the city`s website (see link on this site`s home page). For more information contact the City of Mansfield Human Resources Department at Mansfield City Hall, 1200 E Broad St. or call 817-276-4200, between the hours of 8am to 5pm.

Are reports available at the Police Department instead of through the Internet?
Yes,there is a fee to obtain a report at the Police Department or through the mail. Obtaining your report via the Internet is free.

How do I set a court date?
Contact the Municipal Court at 817-276-4716, or in person at the Mansfield Public Safety Building located at 1305 E Broad St. The court hours are 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday.

How do I find out if I have any outstanding warrants?
You may check the warrant section of this site. All active warrants are listed alphabetically. If you find you have outstanding warrants, contact the Municipal Court at 817-276-4716 for additional information.

How do I find out if someone is in jail?
There is a list of Mansfield Jail inmates on this site that may be searched by last and first name. All persons that have completed the booking process will be on this list. The booking process may take three to four hours from the time of the arrest. Additional information may be obtained by calling the Bond Desk at 817-804-5731, 817-473-9680 or 817-473-1086.

How do I get a vehicle released?
Please see the related page at https://www.mansfieldtexas.gov/impounded-vehicles-towing-and-wrecker-service

I recieved a Sexual Offender notification card in the mail. Where do I find more information on the offender?
There is a Sexual Offender Registry link on the home page of this website and on the city website Home Page. You may also contact the Mansfield Police Department at 817-276-4734. The above weblinks also provide a map of where all registered offenders are located.

Where do I obtain a report for an incident/accident that occurred on school grounds?
Contact the MISD Police Department at 817-299-6000, or go to their office located at 1522 N Walnut Creek Dr.

Where do I obtain a Texas driver`s license or state Identification card?
A Texas driver`s license and/or identification card may only be obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The nearest location is 3901 West Arkansas Lane, in Arlington (Park Springs at Arkansas). Their phone number is 817-274-1818.

Where do I renew my vehicle registration tags?
Vehicle registration tags must be renewed with the County Tax Assessors Office for the county where you live. The City of Mansfield is located in Tarrant, Johnson and Ellis Counties. For Tarrant County residents vehicle tags are available at the Tarrant County Sub-Courthouse, 1100 E Broad St. in Mansfield, 817-473-5127. Johnson County residents, go to the Johnson County Sub-Courthouse, 118 S Friou St. in Alvarado, 817-783-5770. Ellis County residents, go to the Ellis County Sub-Courthouse, 310 N 9th St. in Midlothian, 972-775-8415.

If someone was arrested in Fort Worth but transferred to the Mansfield Jail, where do I get a copy of the arrest report?
Contact the Fort Worth Police Department at 817-877-8202.

How do I file an eviction order?
Evictions are a civil process handled by the County Justice of the Peace Office. Please contact the Justice of the Peace office in the county where the eviction is requested.

How do I drop charges against someone?
If the charges were filed by Mansfield Police, contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 817-276-4700. If the charges were file by another agency, you will need to contact that agency.

May I obtain a background check through the Police Department?
The Mansfield Police Department does not perform background checks. Contact the Texas Department of Public Safety at 512-524-2474 for assistance. You may also check the Texas Department of Public Safety website at http://records.txdps.state.tx.us .

Is a crash report the same as an accident report?

How do I file a complaint against a Police Department employee?
A complaint may be filed by contacting any police department supervisor or the Internal Affairs Unit. To contact Patrol Division call 817-804-5700, Internal Affairs 817-276-4740, Public Safety Building 817-276-4700 and Jail Division at 817-804-5729.

What are Visitation Hours for Inmates?
***Effective immediately, visitation is temporarily suspended until further notice in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is a precautionary measure to protect staff, inmates, volunteers and visitors from potential exposure to the coronavirus.*** ***Attorneys will have access to their clients through the visitation phones in the jail lobby. The visitation area will be sanitized upon completion of each visit.***

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